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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:


“Anyone looking to enter the field of Security or familiarizing themselves with the fundamentals should be taking some form of training. People are looking to get accurate, relevant and to-the-point information which is accessible on their own time. SkillBridge’s courses fulfill that”

John Pineda, Sr. Software Security Developer




“SkillBridge is our chosen partner because they have the unique expertise designing and developing custom security training programs.   They are able to provide excellent content and resources and implement comprehensive programs that address the needs of various audiences within the organization."

Infosec Training Project Manager. Amazon.com



SkillBridge is an excellent resource for IT security training services. Their flexibility, creativity, subject matter knowledge and focus on the task at hand are second to none. I recommend them highly.”

WebsenseSecurity Architect & Strategy Officer. Websense



SkillBridgeOnline CBT courses cover a broad range of security know-how. They summarize, provide advice worksheets and examples of tests carried out on the current, major security threats. These courses can be taken by managers, architects or developers in order to have a 360 degree context vision of security threats."

Rainer Knupfer, Senior Software Engineer, TI & M



“Designing Secure Systems' is an excellent course with a comprehensive list of topics covered. It can benefit architects, developers and QA throughout SDLC. The course is not vendor or platform specific, and the knowledge can be applied immediately. You also get list of further reading and worksheets to start using on your projects."

Irene Michelin, Scrum Master at Viva Street



“I was quite impressed. While it started out with fairly rudimentary information, it quickly got in-depth and hands on. I could see how any organization could benefit by having their development staff familiarize themselves with this information.”

Larry Cox, Information Security, CISSP



The Design and Coding Course was great! It tweaked my interest to get me excited about coding…For someone who has no experience with languages, I found the content very informative, and the content of the web page was very well laid out. It was very detailed and the speaker did a great job at explaining the material so that one could actually really learn what skills they seek....I also thought the prerecorded webinars added value to what was available.”

Roxanna Grubbs, Student